Referral Program



What is the Y’s Reduced Rate Membership Referral Program?
Our newest Y membership program! It gives incremental monthly savings for each additional referral.  Your referral will earn you 15% off your monthly bank draft.  Valid only for Facility Memberships (excluding all Youth or Teen memberships).  To maintain your monthly reduced rate savings, each member must remain active and in good standing. 


For details or questions, contact Donna Ocasio, Member Service Director, at 

Important Information:

- Both members must stay current to keep the monthly reduced rate

- If one member leaves/ends their membership, the current member has 30 days to refer a new friend to join. If not, the current member's monthly rate will revert back to the "original" amount

- The more members you refer, the longer your reduced rate will stay in place

- Forms must be completed in order to receive your monthly reduced rate