Endowment Fund

The Heritage Club recognizes those who have indicated their intention to include the YMCA in their estate plans or who have made an outright gift to the YMCA’s Endowment Fund. The Endowment is a powerful permanent legacy to further the work of the YMCA. Each year a portion of the Endowment’s income is used to support programs at our YMCA, including scholarships, free or reduced-fee afterschool activities and summer day camp for youth. In the long run, our Endowment Fund will help the YMCA change lives for generations to come.

With your commitment to the Heritage Club we create a promising tomorrow for kids, families and the Vineland community: so the good you do lives on forever. Stop by our lobby to see our recognition plaque to all those who have donated to the Endowment Fund.

Click the image below to view our Endowment Fund/Heritage Club brochure


Ways to Join the Heritage Club:

A Gift of Cash - In this way each member not only benefits from the good that will be done but current income tax savings.

A Life Insurance Gift - Naming the YMCA as a primary or even secondary beneficiary of your insurance policy paves the way for a large future gift. Should you wish to contribute a life insurance policy that is no longer needed to protect current beneficiaries, you could realize substantial income tax deductions

A Gift Through Your Will - You may wish to consider including the YMCA in your will or living trust. In this way, a fixed amount, specific asset or percentage of your estate may be set aside as bequests and qualify for estate tax deductions.

For more information about various ways to support our endowment, please call George Steinbronn Jr., Executive Director, at 691-0030, extension 105.