YMCA360- The Y, Anytime, Anywhere!

Introducing YMCA360 - your new all-in-one online fitness and wellness platform, exclusively available to all Cumberland Cape Atlantic Vineland Facility members. Whether you are at home or on the go, you can now access our extensive library of on-demand and live-streamed fitness classes, as well as healthy living tips and resources for the whole family - all free as part of your Facility Membership!

Even on days you can't come in and see us, you can still work towards your fitness goals and feel connected to your Y Community!

Enjoy live or on-demand group exercise classes with your favorite instructors, explore nutrition classes, youth enrichment, fitness options, and more. YMCA360 offers both on-demand and live classes through the YMCA360 website and apps.


Workout from anywhere with virtual On-Demand and Live Streaming Workouts

  • With YMCA360, you can choose from a wide variety of on-demand workout videos, ranging from high-intensity interval training to yoga and Pilates. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you will easily find workouts tailored for all ages and skill levels.

  • Join our live-streamed fitness classes from wherever you are. With a range of classes available throughout the day, you can choose the ones that best fit your schedule and fitness goals.

Additional health and wellness resources for the whole family

  • Not only will you find fitness classes for adults, but kids can get in on the fun with classes on dance, gymnastics, youth sports, healthy recipes, science, visual arts and more.


Full instruction programs include cardio, strength, dance, yoga, pilates, meditation and much more.

Programs designed for Active Older Adults range from strength and cardio to stretching.

Fun and educational programming for the entire family, from Y arts, to youth sports tips & training, as well as fun activities.

Getting Started

YMCA360 is available on mobile devices, TV and web, and is included FREE with every Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA Facility membership. You can visit or download the app on your phone, Apple TV, Roku, or Android TV.  

Healthy Living for ALL - On all of your screens!

Click below to access YMCA360 from your preferred device



YMCA360 is an on-demand video platform for our Y community. YMCA360 offers group exercise classes, youth sports training, wellbeing classes and more to serve you wherever you are. Whether you are at home or on the road, take the Y with you along with your favorite classes, instructors and more.

  • 1) Visit OR Download the YMCA360 app on your phone, Apple TV, Roku or Android TV.
  • 2) Type in your zip code and select Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA for your branch
  • 3) Type in your email address and get your verification code. Note: You must use the exact email address that active with your account at the YMCA of Vineland.
  • 4) Once you complete this step, you will receive an email with a 6 digit passcode, which you will enter to gain access.
  • 5) Now you’re ready to workout!

No! There’s thousands of videos available on YMCA360. While many are workouts, there’s also content such as culinary arts, visual arts, literary arts, science and math activites/lessons, music lessons, gymnastics and barre, basketball tips, soccer tutorials, cancer support, wellness, healthy eating, mental health, and more!

There's something for everyone!

You cannot have multiple accounts under your main (like Netflix). However, if you and other members on your account each have an email listed under your membership, then each of you can make an account.

Example: If you have an email listed under your membership, and another family member has an email listed too, then each of you can access YMCA360 separately.

YMCA360 is exclusively for current Facility members. Visit our membership page or stop by in person at the Members Services desk for information on joining and to getting access to YMCA360 as well as access to all of our membership benefits!

The YMCA360 app and all YMCA360 on demand content is included free with any current Facility membership.